Life with Cats

A Hairy Situation

Everyone loves a cat’s whiskers, majestic eyes, and tiny toe beans.    But nothing has incited more cartoons, jokes, and internet memes than the unsightly, completely disgusting, potentially harmful, and yet infinitely laughable HAIRBALL. I hate clichés, but a hairball is the nature of the beast.  Cats have hair.  A lot of it.  And they groom… Continue reading A Hairy Situation

Life with Cats

X Marks the Fox

If you spend any significant amount of time with a cat, or multiple cats, you begin to realize that, just like humans, they have their own unique personalities.  And, just like humans, it’s usually the loud, bold, obnoxious, pretty, smart, outgoing, or unusual ones who get all the attention.  Despite being the youngest when we… Continue reading X Marks the Fox

Life with Cats

The 6lb Terror

Cats are amazing little creatures.  Underneath their soft and fuzzy exteriors lies a tremendous instinct to survive, despite the worst conditions. When we found Nellie almost 3 years ago, she was severely malnourished and unusually small for her age.  The poor little flea bag was crawling up my leg, starving for both food and attention.… Continue reading The 6lb Terror

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Getting Old Ain’t for Sissies

A few weeks ago, Smudge hit a rough patch.  At 16 years, 9 months, and a few days, he is my most long-lived pet.  He’s also a mere shadow of his former dumpster cat self. Despite his feral roots and particularly shy nature, he was always the more curious and adventurous one.  He was more… Continue reading Getting Old Ain’t for Sissies

Feline Healthcare · Life with Cats

Litter Box Blues

Your eyes are not deceiving you.  That is a real-life, honest to God picture of cat litter on the header of my page.  If you’re going to write about cats, litter box talk is a must.  Strange as it may seem, cats are very particular about their bathrooms.  Litter box size, placement, and number of… Continue reading Litter Box Blues

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Keeping Up Appearances

Years ago, during a staff meeting, my practice manager paid me a compliment.  He said, “Jen, I can never tell if you’re having a bad day because no matter what’s going on up front, you’re always cool as a cucumber.” In my years as a veterinary receptionist, I’ve always tried to present myself in a… Continue reading Keeping Up Appearances