Client Service Confessions

How to Make a Connection with Clients (Without Really Trying)

My day hadn’t started off very well.  The team member who was to work the opening shift with me had called off sick.  I knew the appointment schedule was fairly light, so I wasn’t too worried.  But then I had a near-accident on the drive to work.  By the time I clocked in and walked… Continue reading How to Make a Connection with Clients (Without Really Trying)

Client Service Confessions

Baby Steps

Mr. L is an elderly client at our practice.  His cat, Szac, is also elderly and hyperthyroid.  Mr. L brings Szac in, per doctor’s recommendations, for wellness exams and monitoring blood work.  He regularly stops in to purchase Szac’s Felimazole tablets and chicken Pill Pockets.  Szac is his buddy, his world. A year or more… Continue reading Baby Steps

Client Service Confessions · Life with Cats

Keeping Up Appearances

Years ago, during a staff meeting, my practice manager paid me a compliment.  He said, “Jen, I can never tell if you’re having a bad day because no matter what’s going on up front, you’re always cool as a cucumber.” In my years as a veterinary receptionist, I’ve always tried to present myself in a… Continue reading Keeping Up Appearances

Client Service Confessions

The (Career) Path Less Traveled

I’m 99.9% positive that no child has ever daydreamed about growing up to be a receptionist.  No little boy or girl ever wrote an essay for school about how awesome it would be to answer phones, shuffle paper, and deal with the public for 8+ hours a day.  I know I didn’t. My earliest childhood… Continue reading The (Career) Path Less Traveled

Client Service Confessions

Never Let ’em See You Sweat

After reading my last post about the ‘portobello’ vaccine, a writer friend of mine suggested that I expand that topic to a longer article about silly things that clients say (and how to professionally respond to them).  Well, after weeks of trying to work this out both on in my head and on paper, I… Continue reading Never Let ’em See You Sweat

Client Service Confessions

The Portobello Vaccine

In the annals of veterinary receptiondom, there are words that, when uttered by an unsuspecting pet owner, evoke a certain response from the veterinary support professional (think nails on a chalkboard).  The infamous portobello vaccine is near the top of that list. Contrary to popular belief, the kennel vaccine that your dog needs every 6… Continue reading The Portobello Vaccine