So how does someone who’s relatively shy and introverted become the first point of contact for a local business, interacting with dozens and dozens of people throughout the day?  By accident really.  It was one of those friend-of-a-friend referrals, “oh my vet is looking for a receptionist.”  Hmmm, might be interesting.  And how hard can it be to answer phones all day?  Famous last words.

That was 13 1/2 years ago.  Here I am today, a little older, a whole lot more-educated on the business, but still on the front lines with the clients and pets at well-established, well-respected 5-doctor practice in Western PA.  While my tell-all book is still in the works, this blog will do for now.  Some names have been changed to protect the innocent, others will be used with permission. 

Welcome to the world of the most under-rated, unsung heroes of the veterinary profession…


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