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The Circle of Veterinary Life

  I never intended to work in veterinary medicine.  Although at one point in my childhood, I did want to be a veterinarian.  Doesn’t everyone?   I pursued an education in English and writing, but when a veterinary receptionist opportunity presented itself, I applied – mostly because I needed a job.  Starting at a smaller practice… Continue reading The Circle of Veterinary Life

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Getting Old Ain’t for Sissies

A few weeks ago, Smudge hit a rough patch.  At 16 years, 9 months, and a few days, he is my most long-lived pet.  He’s also a mere shadow of his former dumpster cat self. Despite his feral roots and particularly shy nature, he was always the more curious and adventurous one.  He was more… Continue reading Getting Old Ain’t for Sissies

Feline Healthcare · Life with Cats

Litter Box Blues

Your eyes are not deceiving you.  That is a real-life, honest to God picture of cat litter on the header of my page.  If you’re going to write about cats, litter box talk is a must.  Strange as it may seem, cats are very particular about their bathrooms.  Litter box size, placement, and number of… Continue reading Litter Box Blues