Client Service Confessions

The Portobello Vaccine

In the annals of veterinary receptiondom, there are words that, when uttered by an unsuspecting pet owner, evoke a certain response from the veterinary support professional (think nails on a chalkboard).  The infamous portobello vaccine is near the top of that list. Contrary to popular belief, the kennel vaccine that your dog needs every 6… Continue reading The Portobello Vaccine

Life with Cats

Cleo’s Trip to BHVH, 3/2/12

Cleo's Trip to BHVH, 3/2/12

Despite her numerous travels to the vet, my cat Cleo still hates to get in her carrier. Getting her in and out of the crate is quite a chore. In an effort to make it easier on both of us, during her most recent trip to work, I dismantled the crate and made her a ‘hideout’. I think she liked hanging out under the towel, watching the excitement in the treatment area.